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KyungGu Lee

At age of 15, KyungGu happened to see the saxophones in a department store. Then a year had passed before he got a chance to play the instrument that had delighted and enchanted him. From the moment he laid his fingers on it he instantly fell in love; the saxophone and he were destined to go through life together.

In 1999, he enrolled into Seoul Institute of Arts, which had produced a large number of distinguished musicians in Korea, and had the first opportunity to interact with other musicians. This immersion into a community of great musicians and the learning that came from interacting with them were just two of many benefits he reaped. While at Seoul Institute of Arts, he joined the National Navy Entertainment Band as a saxophonist. For three years, he had traveled the country extensively and performing regularly during this time was an extremely valuable experience. After graduating the school, he performed in main stream of Korea such as National Theaters, TV shows, and local jazz clubs. In addition, he taught jazz through private lessons and as a staff of several music schools in Seoul.

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Sax, tenor

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Advanced only

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