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La Colonie Volvox - East West And Rest

La Colonie Volvox - East West And Rest by Simon Kiselicki

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Simon Kiselicki

Label: E Go East Records
Released: 2010
Views: 210

Track Listing

01 - Scandinavian Pavian 02 - New York Noises 03 - The Fat Hatter 04 - In Through The North Door (The Fall Of The Lemmings) 05 - Beat Bazaar 06 - Fin Amor 07 - La Mer 08 - Westanbol 09 - Leyla & Majnun 10 - Quest 11 - Rest


Additional Personnel / Information

Simon Kiselicki (piano, keyboards, flutes), Sasho Gigov – Gish (vocal, udu, bendir), Aleksandar Nikolovski (trumpet, vocal), Predrag Ikonomovski (acoustic guitar), Dragan Stojkovski (bass, midi guitar), Gazmend Berisha (electric violin), Goce Naumov (drums), Bulent Bekir – Baba (shaker), Ola Dioss (spoken word)

Album Description

This album was inspired by La Colonie Volvox's 5500km journey across Europe in 2009. The album is divided in two fictional sides, of which side A or “West” deals with the discrete charm of the North/West individualism and its unbearable lightness of being, while side B or “East” emphasizes the deep, meditative and collective consciousness of the Eastern worlds. However, as in reality, the two worlds are never clearly separated, so don’t expect to hear totally different soundscapes – on the contrary, the similarities are always stronger and deeper rooted then the differences...


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