Lars Winberg

Bass-player and composer. Main influence: Johs. Seb. Bach - because of his logic, Stockhausen - because of his courage, Monk - because of his crookedness, Davis - because of his electricity. Have throughout the years played with different bands and a countless number of musicians - among others: Kold som Kiks, Marilyn Mazur, John Tchicai.
”The combination of a simple rock groove, Tchicais avant-garde sax and the spirit of la Cours trumpet sound are thrilling and can be recommended” Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt - blogspot.

“ELEkTRO feat. John Tchicai is a beautiful example on how acoustic and electronica can be united in an intense and touching expression /…/ it's art!” Martin Lutz, Jazzztjerner.

”Veteran Danish-American tenor sax legend, John Tchicai /…/ joins forces with the cutting-edge Copenhagen-based band, Elektro, to record this dynamic CD, filled with crunchy deep-tuned drums, wild horns, funky basslines and fantastic laptop soundscapes

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