LaVon Hardison LaVon Hardison

LaVon Hardison sings jazz standards, originals, and her own eclectic and compelling arrangements of popular songs. She is equally at home at jazz clubs, corporate events, private parties, and sacred settings. Her background in musical theater, opera, and jazz provides a solid foundation for her accessible, joyful, and engaging musical explorations.

LaVon is beyond versatile. She brings her glowing, open heart to every performance and has thrilled audiences all over the world.

“I try to make music that delights me,” LaVon says. “When I first started singing jazz I felt that I had to do it a certain way. I had to be sultry and sophisticated. Now I follow my gut and I follow the song. I am more open musically. Time, mixed with life experience, awakens new depths in songs.”

“Anytime you introduce art or music into the world, it’s going to shift things. It’s either a mirror reflecting reality, or it will break someone’s heart open to see something within themselves. That kind of exposure is considered dangerous. The world is working very hard to keep up the veneer. Art and theater continue to tear down that facade. For some people, that’s troublesome. For me, it’s just perfect. I don’t even think of it as a conscious choice; it’s my natural response to the world.”


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“LaVon Hardison is more than a singer. She’s a multi-talented entertainer who simply lights up a room, raising the roof and bringing down the house. Hardison has brashness and sass when she needs it, but a warm sense of connection is her secret weapon. She has a flair for the theatrical, as well as a big sense of humor, and is as popular with fellow musicians as she is with audiences.” —Interview by Andrew Luthringer, Earshot Jazz

“A stylishly eclectic singer, Hardison is an artist for whom the song is king. She’s the type of interpreter who knows how to put across the emotion and subtlety in a melody without overselling it, and she has a talent for getting inside the story that each song tells.” — Andrew Luthringer, Earshot Jazz

“I’m not sure I ever fell in love with someone as quickly and irrevocably as with LaVon Hardison

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Primary Instrument

Voice / vocals



Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced



Album There Will Be Trouble by LaVon Hardison

There Will Be Trouble


Album Come Together by LaVon Hardison

Come Together

Unknown label

Album Everyday Gifts by LaVon Hardison

Everyday Gifts

Unknown label

Album Choices by LaVon Hardison


Unknown label



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