Leon De Vose II

Born, reared educated in Newark, NJ

My father, master percussionist Leon De Vose, Sr., began teaching me how to play congas when I was tall enough to reach the head. Daddy was the lead drummer for a local African dance ensemble, Whenever he played, I would listen for his distinctive playing style, absorbing his technique. I have yet to meet a drummer with better hands than he.

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Primary Instrument

Sax, alto


East Orange, NJ

Willing to teach



Playing saxophone since 1973, taught by some of the greatest in Jazz music. I would now like to pass the craft on to others. Rates: $45 /hour 1x / week $39 /hour 2x/ week $33 /hour 3x/ week add $7 /per session for lessons in student's home or other venue outside of my home. Hours of Availability July - August 2008 - Fri., Sat. 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Mon. - Th. - varies - as arranged

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