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Leopoldo F. Fleming Leopoldo F. Fleming

Leopoldo Fleming Afro Caribbean Jazz Ensemble.

Leopoldo is still maintaining this wonderful band, which he founded almost 31 years ago, of a special musical concept, and which includes New York and Caribbean Jazz and Latin greats. Since July 2016 he has another set-up of this in Copenhagen, including Danish and Danish-Cuban Jazz and Latin greats.


As percussionist, composer, arranger, lyricist, band leader, Leopoldo is a great personality with a rich and multicolored palette, inspiration from his Latin-Afro-Indian roots, his childhood in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, decades as highly active in the jazz and beyond music scene of New York, and his international experience collaborating and touring all over Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, with US, Caribbean, and African stars.

Mainly a jazz musician, Leopoldo is well versed in several genres - jazz, funk, R&B, Caribbean, Cuban, Brazilian, African, gospel and spirituals. He is a brilliant accompanist, a fascinating soloist, has a special melodic gift in his playing, and his performances sparkle with surprises, sophistication, grace, and exquisite timing.

Throughout his entire career Leopoldo has constantly developed, explored, and pursued new ideas and inspiration, maintaining his reputation as a world-class performer, never compromising on the authenticity of rhythms and styles according to his genuine deep knowledge and feeling.

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In the September 2007 issue of the All About Jazz-gazette, the Afro Indian Blues with Jim Pepper, Amina Claudine Myers, Anthony Cox, and Leopoldo Fleming is categorized an Unearthed Gem. Donald Elfman praises Leopoldo for showing true versatility and appealing accessibility.

In an review of the same album, Bill Siegel writes: ...On percussion, Leopoldo Fleming takes a flight with a solo that's absolute, total music - he plays the melody on his drums, not just a riff on the rhythm. You can almost hear the distant echo of Myers' singing below the drums. Don't be fooled towards the end of Fleming's solo

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