Letizia Gambi

Letizia Gambi is a jazz vocalist, composer, and actress. She was born in Naples, Italy and raised in the northern region of Lake Como. Letizia grew up in an artistic family of opera singers, musicians, actors and writers. They brought their Neapolitan traditions and music with them to their new home, and Letitia learned the meaning of Nostalgia. For that reason she returned to Naples whenever possible and she has infused that culture into all of her endeavors.

Letizia began dancing lessons at age eleven, attended art school at thirteen and began showcasing her art and winning awards for her paintings when she was fourteen . At fifteen, she began traveling to London, in the summer, to study musical theater. Continuing to dance, she became a dance instructor and choreographer at a very young age, while continuing to sing and act. She studied acting for 2 years and worked as an actress. Finally, because of her great love and passion for music, she auditioned for the International Jazz Academy in Milan, out of 60 people who auditioned, she was one of only seven who was accepted into the program. She studied for four years and became an assistant to the vocal professor in her fifth, “Master Year.” Letizia graduated with a Masters Degree in Jazz Vocal Performance.

Letizia worked as a singer/songwriter, teaching Jazz and Pop singing at several music schools in Milan, Como and Switzerland. In Milan, she played Anita in West Side Story, she also acted in several TV shows. She sang with many well known Italian Jazz musicians and was the lead singer for a Jazz Big Band. Her versatility allowed her to sing many types of music, from Gospel (she was soloist in the choir of Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milan) to dance music, classical repertoire, pop and of course, Jazz.

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”...It was soooo nice to play with/for a singer that can really sing.” —Ron Carter

“Lenny White and Letizia Gambi have created the hippest musical address in Naples; at the intersection of Neapolitan music and jazz.” —Gil Goldstein

“I’m always looking for new artists who have knowledge and respect of tradition but free spirited enough not to look at me crazy when I ask them to change it...Letizia is an old soul in a new body...It wasn't a situation where it was just her singing, she's a great singer...excellent lyricist...She's really a dynamo and the best student I ever had.” —Lenny White

“Is one of those dramatic arrivals that challenges categories and assumptions.” —Ashley Khan

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Introducing Letizia Gambi

Introducing Letizia...

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