Lezlie Harrison

When considering the range of creative activities Ms. Lezlie Harrison has embarked on, one could easily be reminded of the classical folk tale of the five blind men who have encountered an elephant and are asked to describe it. In the ancient story, each man, unaware of the totality of the animal describes the part of its body they have come in contact with. For one, feeling the beast’s leg leads him to believe that an elephant is like a tree trunk, for another, holding its tail convinces him that an elephant is like a rope, the long smooth tusks tells yet another that the mammal resembles a plow, and on and on.

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”(Harrison) knows how to deliver lyrics with feeling and tempo” Will Friedwald, New York Sun

Lezlie, sing it like you do,and they will all come home to you because real is really how you feel but even more because you cain't explain the pain that makes you feel good about getting rid of it. Keep pouring it out and maybe some of us will catch on, I think I just did. Love & P-funk hugs to you! - Bootsy Collins Bootsy!!!

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