Lili Añel

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Philadelphia

Born: June 8

Philadelphia’s Lili Añel returns with her highly-anticipated recording “Another Place, Another Time” released on April 7, 2017. “Another Place, Another Time” an EP of 6 songs, 2 songs, “Forgotten” and “I’ll Never Forget You” penned by Añel, 2 co-written with her twin sister, Barbara title track “Another Place, Another Time” and “I Don’t Care (Groucho’s Blues)” along with 2 covers. One cover, “Traffic Jam In A One Horse Town” was written by her friend Philadelphia guitarist Jef Lee Johnson who passed in 2013. “I decided when Jef left us that I would always include one of his songs on my records. I know he felt he wasn’t heard while he was still here. His music is so amazing and has had such an effect on me, I want to share it with the world. My hope is that people will seek his music out after hearing my renditions.” The second cover, “It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine” which Lili first heard on a Nina Simone recording, is a gospel hymn about deliverance, written by Blind Willie Johnson. Anel’s take includes a bridge she added which includes the line “…if I sing my heart is rejoicing…” putting a positive spin on the mostly fundamental lyric, along with her uplifting vocal delivery. Another Place, Another Time’s songs were recorded live with minimal overdubs. They lend themselves to being more open, having space” says Lili. Despite a more trimmed down approach, the songs seem to reach further than on recent recordings. One of the ways she achieved this was by not over-thinking her approach vocally and allowing the music to come more easily. But she did stretch herself, singing in her falsetto on Jef Lee Johnson’s Traffic Jam… and improvises at the end of “I’ll Never Forget You”, both approaches she has not done before. On I’ll Never Forget You she states “I sang what I heard in my head, except it didn’t have any words; I was singing a feeling, my feeling about Jef and how he and his music affected me.”

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[Another Place, Another Time]...a gem of a record . . . [Añel] sings with a rawness that surpasses the music, the genre – Jazz Medium

“[I Can See Bliss From Here] One of the Top 13 Albums from 2013”...It’s very rare when an artist can immediately convey who they are in the first few stanzas of a song they’ve written and performed—without cheap theatrics, emotional blackmail, or panhandling for sainthood.” - Carol Banks Weber, JazzExaminer

“[I Can See Bliss From Here]…a gem…powerful, indeed…” –Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

“'I CanSee Bliss From Here' is the album every artist hopes for” –Robbie Woliver, Dir

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