Lisa Dae Lisa Dae

In the Pacific Northwest, where she built her career, Lisa Dae is fearless in approaching material. With a 3 octave + vocal range, there is not a song or a style that she cannot do. She has been described as a vocal chameleon who “can sound husky or crisp, ebullient or wailing, girlish or jaded. Her gifting is in her phrasing.”

Dae's fascination with music began early. She would for-go recess as early as 2nd grade, just so she could play the auto-harp. In the fourth grade she took up the cello, but by the time she entered Jr high school, she switched to the French horn. Her family had moved to Roseburg, OR. Here’s what she said about her childhood:

“Growing up, my dad was a big jazz fan and we had a lot of jazz music around the house. Both my parents were happy to encourage my interest in music. Even though we had little money with a family of 6, my mother was able to buy me a piano at the age of 5. I was addicted. My father and I had a special bond when it came to music; we would spend hours talking about Frank Sinatra and what made him so good.”

“We listened to all the great stuff. I really liked the music from the thirties and forties, early Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday. I used to listen to a lot of Frank Sinatra. In Jr high my sister had introduced me to Kenny Rankin. He was my teacher. I owe a lot to him. I would spend hours upon hours trying to imitate him. It wasn’t until my brother brought his girlfriend home to hear me sing, that I considered singing my passion, I just knew I loved, loved, loved music. While I was teaching myself to sing, I haunted used record stores. I'd choose anybody I thought would be interesting, and I'd just pick some people I'd never heard of and bring them home.

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