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Little Tribblets In Every Room

Little Tribblets In Every Room

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Eric Novak

Label: Self Released
Released: 2016
Duration: 00:52:08
Views: 389

Track Listing

It's Always Been There, Pt. I; Caution and Precision; An Unknown Thing Is Always Around the Corner; Sifting Through Saturated Screams; Echoes Of Existence, Eons Ago; It's Always Been There, Pt. II


Eric Novak: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, oboe, heckelphone, shell flute, balafon, marimba, vibraphone, sheng, didgeridoo, xun, percussion, voice, spirits, swords; Robby “Roob” Kuntz: drums, timpani, marimba, percussion, voice, feet, spirits, swords; LeeAnna Studt: trombone, voice, teeth, feet, spirits; Ryan Donlin: double bass, voice, feet, spirits, swords; Madz Negro: violin, voice; Elena Denny: cello, voice; Derek McAnally: drums; Selena Greising: French horn, voice; Braden Poole: voice, feet, spirits, swords, comb; Cale Sennett: trumpet, voice; Laura Brooks: flute, voice; Ethan Berg: clarinet, voice; Ayethaw Tun, Celia Williams, Tommy Bravos: voices, feet, spirits, swords; Kate Ford, Karen Matkovich: voices, feet; Charlie Franz: intonation, voice; Olivia Novak, Kate VanPetten, Jonas Wightman, Cat McManus, Muhammed Rizvi, Connor Hughes, Grant Daigle, Ian Simmons, Chaepter Negro, Derek Carter, Katie Craft, Jeremy Gruner, Yemaya Jennings, Anna Sciaccotta, Casey Ross, David Flowers, Scott McLaughlin, Don Tomes: voices Eric Novak: art, engineer, production, additional mixing Derek McAnally: mixing, engineer, production Chaepter Negro: mixing, mastering, production Cale Sennett: photography, engineer

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