Liz Whitted Dawson, is a consummate Singer/Songwriter with JAZZ leanings and deep sultry range that leave audiences smiling and going inwardly to listen to their own earth voice. Bringing her unique sense of style and class to Los Angeles and Bay Area venues such as The World Stage, Geoffrey's Inner Circle and the Open Mike at the Little Castle, she has graced the stage with such notable Jazz musicians as Bobby West, Rose Gales, Howlett Smith, Earl “Big Juicy” Johnson, Sal Crocker, Jerrell Ballard, Mike Alvidrez, Yancie Taylor and his Jazztet, Glen Pearson, Eric “ET” Tillman, Joe Warner and James Bailey. In 2008, Liz also sang background with Paula West and the late George Mesterhazy (Arranger/Pianist), Ed Cherry (Guitarist), Barak Mori (Bassist) and the late Tony Reedus (Drummer).

She has an innate sense of timing and tone. Liz can deliver a standard set up with her stylized affinity for walking bass line from the likes of Michael Alvidrez, Heshima Williams or place her signature stamp on originals such as Ancestors Call penned with the late Prince Lasha and New York based Impressario, Rudi Mwongozi. Known for making cameo appearances, she loves to hit the jam sessions and has sat in with Eric Tillman's set @ Savannah Jazz, when located in San Francisco.  Liz has been the guest vocalist with Yancie Taylor’s Jazztet, in Oakland and Rose Gales Jam Session at The World Stage Performance Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  Liz produced her own “It’s Time” performances at The World Stage in November 2015 to a packed house and September 2017 for two sets.   The amazing quartet was lead by Earl “Big Juicy” Johnson, Music Director and pianist; with Jerrell Ballard, on drums; Mike Alvidrez, bass and special guest, Sal Crocker, saxophone. Liz also serves as a licensed Practitioner, ALSP at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA.

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