Liz Malys

Raised in upstate NY, schooled in Tucson, Arizona, and currently living in Anchorage, Alaska -- it's obvious that to Liz travel is not just a leisure activity, but a way of life. One could say the same about her debut album, “Desert,” which she fittingly flew to Tucson to record. “I'm so excited about this new album. .” says Liz. “It was a wonderful creative experience to work with so many great musicians.” The instrumentation on the album -- reminiscent of her training in classical composition -- includes violin, cello, and upright bass -- Liz enlisted her friends who were or are currently music majors at her Al Mater, the University of Arizona, for the project.

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”...Malys' piano playing is fuller than many other musicians... Would it come across as an insult to call the sound muddy? It shouldn't. There's a certain confusion of richness in her sound, for which the only handy metaphor is the murkiness of a silted glacial stream -- --all the components swirling together until they combine into a delightful opacity, each individual element no longer identifiable...”

--Krestia DeGeorge - Anchorage Press (Oct 8, 2009)

“Expressive and evocative with uncommon depth. . . luxurious and dreamy...”

--David Malachowski, music journalist - Albany Metroland

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