Logan Hone

Logan Hone's music is ecstatic. His charm is instantaneous enough to “get it” without much legwork while his compositions are complex enough to revisit. Hone joyously steps into numerous traditions at once, often incorporating nuanced performances, slyly comedic texts, and a refined, instantly recognizable musical sensibility. If there is any common thread throughout his varied output, it is his eclectic and unabashed incorporation of influences from contemporary jazz to hypnagogic pop, Arthur Russell to Robert Ashley, classical theory to post-modern aesthetics, Morton Feldman to Magnetic Fields.

Hone's many projects include the Los Angeles quartet Similar Fashion; Bright Whistles; FunCoffin, led by performer-composer Christian Asplund; the celestial folk band Desert Magic; Joshua Payne Orchestra; and his own solo work—songs, compositions, videos, and performances. Hone's recent recorded output includes the 2016 solo album Variety Show (Wellness Association of Los Angeles) and the aptly named 2015 Similar Fashion album Logan Hone's Similar Fashion (pfMentum). Of his work All About Jazz states, “difficult music to be labeled (how wonderful!), abnormal instrumentation, boldness, irreverence and humor enough.”

Logan is a co-founder of Deseret Experimental Opera Company in Utah which produces and performs experimental operas. He has performed at The Blue Whale, Cry and Roar 6 (festival headliner), Downtown Music Gallery (NYC), Gowanus Art and Production, Berkeley Arts Festival, Open Gate Concert Series, MorYork, and has presented masterclasses at University of Utah, University of Reno, Snow College, College of Southern Idaho, among many more

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”a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds deftly organized by Hone” — LA Weekly

“boldness, irreverence and humor enough.” — All About Jazz

“The band sounds like they are getting ready to be the soundtrack for an animation film festival, or at least a Warner Brothers Saturday morning matinee.” — Jazz Weekly




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