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Lola Batiste

​Born in Paris,Texas to a musical family, Lola Batiste whose aunt was a baptist church pianist who played with the intensity of a “Jerry Lee Lewis” had an early influence on Lola's interpretation of a lyric, Lola who attended the catholic church whose choir pianist had a more repressed style began singing hymns with the choir where she fused her aunt's fervent gospel playing with the subdued hymns of the catholic church creating a unique mix of vocal style that leaned more toward a melancholy vibe.

“When I'm performing I can still hear my aunt's music and I can still hear the music from the hymns I used to sing in the catholic church and I really don't try to separate those sounds in my head, I just go with the flow and blend them together to create my own unique melody”, that's the beauty of singing jazz.

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”Smooth as silky chocolate ,cool as a cat in the snow .Lola you are just wonderful ,my new jazz favorite. Thank you”

- Solfate

“Lola Batiste is more than a sultry diva she's got the spirit of Billie, the edge of Nina, & the class of Vaughan. Thanks for God Bless The Child. added to station 1/21/2010 1:32:27 AM Sultry Jazz Vocals” KIAC Internet Radio - The JazzXpress Caravan

“But on all the songs that I have listened of this one mysterious and splendid artist, one rises above all others, arriving almost to the altar on which are the masterpieces, the wonderful and exciting interpretation of the classic “Summertime”.” - Nacho Valencia - My Favorite Mistakes

“Jazz is one of my favorite music Genre's - Lola has the complete ensemble - The vocals harmonize with the tone of the Piano perfectly and have you swaying to the strokes and hits of the brush kit and bass guitar! Pure Musical Brilliance” - Artist - Bandzoogle

“Lola Batiste has the siren voice but also the depth of sweet honey...hope we both have a great New Year...” - Artist - GGDavies .

“Sultry, compelling vocals..

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