Lous Dassen Lous Dassen

In 1967 the Dutch Lous Dassen started her singing career in Duesseldorf.

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, with a big Repertoire and appreciable Band escorts, Lous traveled through Europe, Gala's Radio Stations and Television and became known and famous as “Frau Dr. Jazz”.

She appeared with Mr.Acker Bilk, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Charly Antolini, Oscar Klein, Marty Grosz and many more famous international Jazz people.

She also sang with the Paul Kuhn Band, Willy Ketzer, Hugo Strasser, Bill Ramsey. a.o.

She not only appeared as a Guest star, but gave concerts with her own Band “ Lous & the Groovies” and was Lead singer with the Big Band “Five & Six”.

From the beginning she was closely connected with the today's legendary Dr. Jazz in Duesseldorf, and she became the owner of this International Jazz Scene in 1985. There is no famous Jazz formation that did not perform in Dr. Jazz, while in Germany.

There were no nights that Lous did not sing along with her unique style and fascinated her audience. Today, without her legendary Dr. Jazz Lous inspires her audience, wherever she performs.

More than 40 years of success and experience will guarantee for quality and professional performance. She can perform with any kind of band, from Piano to Big Band.


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