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Lua Hadar

Multi-lingual and multi-talented, LUA HADAR has performed as a singer and actor since her New York childhood. Graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Theatre Performance, Lua attended the celebrated Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and The Dalcroze School of Music, also studying with Metropolitan Opera coach, Joan Dornemann.

Lua sings jazz influenced by pop, funk, latin and international cabaret. Instantly accessible and truly exotic, this Broadway- influenced performer has been molded by exchange experiences in places as diverse as Bali, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, France and Italy. Her fascination with world cultures is reflected in the sophisticated song choices for her band, TWIST, in their signature “jazz without borders.”

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…And not only could she pull off the French with due charm, but her voice offered the full roundness and savor of a vintage Bordeaux…the tiny stage [at New York’s Cornelia Street Café] blossomed forth each time Hadar took to the mic…we were transported to a place beyond language, beyond words ��”pure yearning, perhaps…��” MS Nieson, All About Jazz

She makes the other side of the world seem just a stone’s throw away… - Michael Arens, Jazz Dimensions, Germany

This review only needs one word really ��” WOW! … Hadar spreads a rainbow of passion across the musical landscape… fire power spicier than any dish in a local cabana… simply amazing. - J

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Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


Credentialed teacher. Teach Master Classes in vocal performance at the microphone. All levels. Private studio, San Francisco, CA. Students perform in public shows at local clubs. Contact [email protected] for more information and schedule.

Clinic/Workshop Information

Interpretation, stye, audience contact and mic technique with the Great American Songbook.

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