Luca Dell'Anna

Instrument: Piano | Location: Milan

A brilliant artist, curious and versatile, as well as one of the most interesting talents that has emerged on the Italian jazz scene.
—JAZZIT Magazine

Updated: June 19, 2019

Born: October 10, 1975

Born in Ferrara, Italy

Luca Dell'Anna has published 3 award-winning albums as a leader and several others as a sideman.

His long-time career and versatility as a pianist, keyboardist and hammond organ player led him to play around the world in countries such as Canada, Japan, China, Ethiopia, all around Europe.

His stylistic influences range from mainstream Jazz to the afro-cuban roots , to avant-garde, that live together in his unique style clearly recognisable in his works.


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”[...] a brilliant artist, curious and versatile, as well as one of the most interesting realities emerged on the Italian jazz scene” (JAZZIT Magazine, #91, december 2015)

“[...] Dell'Anna shows technical mastery and reflective depth: his lively rhythmic imprint always serves a sophisticated and imaginative eloquence” (A.Leonardi,

“[...] Dell'Anna builds a piano trio able to move on different territories with agile security and takes advantage of this characteristic to look for - and, ultimately, find - a sign, energy, resilience, strength in the slow tempos, all dosed with measure and with a certain taste for contrasting flavors, the intention, that is, to always put an emphasis on what's not expected whether or not granted” (F.Ciminiera,

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