Luca Sisera

Luca Sisera

Instrument: Bass, acoustic | Location: Zurich

ROOFER, the quintet surrounding the Swiss double-bass player Luca Sisera, plays absolutely contemporary, liberated jazz music, but always keeps a sublime eye on the tradition of classic jazz.

Updated: August 11, 2019

Born: August 27, 1975

For a good 15 years, Luca Sisera has been a sought-after bassist in the Swiss jazz and improvisation scene. Musically, he likes to operate in the charged environment between composition and improvisation. He is frequently seen on stage at various festivals and jazz clubs across Europe in over 100 concerts each year, whereby some tours and concerts have already taken him to Egypt, China, Jordan, Guatemala and America.

To date, he has been involved in over 30 audio releases. Luca Sisera has also started working as a composer for his own quintet “Luca Sisera ROOFER”. As interdisciplinary projects have always interested him, Luca Sisera has also worked with authors, cabaret artists, dancers and visual artists, among others, as well as on theatre and film productions.


” can never be exactly sure where the tunes are headed, but you can trust this unit to make the process a hell of a lot of fun. Unpredictable right up to the end!”
 Stu's Record Room, Stuart Kremsky, USA

”If you listen properly, the unknown springs into action right from the start. The familiar swing lines and references take a back seat and the rhythmic shifts in Sisera's compositions turn the sound of Roofer in a new direction.” WOZ, Ursina Trautmann, Switzerland

“Capping off the 'Swiss Night' was Luca Sisera ROOFER, who impressed with adventurous variations on the theme of Mingus-like aesthetics.” Downbeat Magazine, Josef Woodard, USA

“Indeed, an attention-grabbing program that only gets better on repeated listens!” All About Jazz New York, Glenn Astarita, USA

“The double-bassist sets the musical bar high

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Struggle Bubble

Luca Sisera
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