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Lucas Lasagna

NEW cd sold and found on the following web site> (Website is under new look/construction, please view new cd for most recent vocals)

Contact: (610)390-2843

THE TASTIEST VOICE SINCE FRANK SINATRA! Lucas Lasagna is seeking booking and representation for a new independently released album. Looking for club dates, tour dates, openings for other acts, private shows, corporate functions, large weddings, television and film spots, commercial spots, radio jingles, voice overs etc... Lucas works as both a live performer and a studio session player. All of the music on the web site was edited and produced by Lucas 6 years ago when he built his first small studio. The new album WAS CO PRODUCED WITH SOME VERY RESPECTABLE NAMES in the jazz industry including co producer and bass player CHARLES FAMBROUGH who is a Blue Note artist and has played with everyone! DON BRADEN co producer head engineer and sax who did work on the Cosby show in the 80's and is a major force in the jazz world as well. Everyone on the album is a well known jazz musician ( I don't want to spend this whole posting on biography's!) Lucas currently works as a solo vocalist using the session tracks from the new album and tracks from services like music minus one. The tracks are actually rather amazing and at almost every show Lucas has a number of AUDIENCE MEMBERS ACCUSING HIM OF LIP SYNCING TO THE ORIGINAL TRACKS of Sinatra, Bobby Darrin, Nat King Cole and others! Although he plays alone now he has a number of TOP NOTCH players available for any gig he can afford them for. Lucas Supplies all of his own equipment for shows up to 700 people and uses a pro sound crew for larger shows. He of course is also perfectly comfortable using house equipment providing that there is a sound check before the show. Lucas is not only seeking bookings he is seeking a financial backer or group of financial backers. For the new album. There is a great promotional campaign supported by 2 top notch publicists who will of course shop the project to major labels and indie labels as well as pushing it independently. Lucas currently has a small fan base ( around 8,000-10,000 people internationally with approximately 3,500 album sales of the first album which was really only supposed to be a demo project) Lucas has appeared on several national radio shows as well as some regional television and has had some very large street team promotions done for him in the northeast. Lucas also has some releases that are techno, house and dance related with a few of those being a fusion of opera, pop, and house...OH DID I FORGET TO MENTION HE IS A TRAINED OPERA SINGER! Yes, the man does it all

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Fogelsville, PA

Willing to teach

Advanced only


Available in and around the Lehigh Valley area for vocal and production. Full service studio. Please call for rates.