Lucky Widén Lucky Widén

Well I went to Fasching looking for musicanwork as well as to develope in my musicianship as guitarist in Jazz Blues and alike. I had been playing in örebro and we where a couuple of people moving to Göteborg and Stokcholm from there. I did get permition to practice there mostly by Ivve Oscaerson I think, FSJ and went on some hour daily for a couple of month. Leaving around 4:00 pm when the bandmembers arrived who where going to play the evening.

Some days local Stockholm bands rehearsed there and many days I worked as substitute guitar teacher around in Stockholm (StorStockholm). I had just finished a 2 year musikgymnasial (musikfolkhögskola) education.

I met alot of Musician both from Stockolm and other parts of Sweden as well as from abroad. Claes Janson, Ivar Lindell, Ivve Oscarson, Jeff (South Africa something) workerd there, Bernt Rosengren, Tommy Koverhult and many more rehearsed, there several times with different bands. I played rehearsed, jammed with musican both at Fasching and at other places in town.

Chris O'konkwko (Nigeria) came there one time and I came to play with him a couple of years later. It was in that era Miles Davis called me. Seam like there where some thing about getting Sweden on the Map of the Jazzscen. They have had Eje Thelin before and where maybe looking fore something new reprecenting Swedish Jazz. I went a third year in musiceducation Musikgymnasium and ended up in the same class as Esbjörn Svensson and his drummer friend, Magnus Öström.

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