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Łukasz Borowicki Łukasz Borowicki

Łukasz Borowicki is a Polish jazz guitarist based in Odense, Denmark whose main interests in jazz music are modern jazz sounds, improvised playfulness and composition in a broad sense. This is something that you will probably recognize, if you get the chance to listen for example to his debut album People, Cats & Obstacles which was released in november, 2014 from the Polish label ForTune.

He has been awarded with numerous prestigious prizes: 1st. prize at the International Jazz Guitar Competition Guitar City, Individual prize for the best solist at Hopes of Warsaw, Individual prize at Zmagania Jazzowe and a special prize at Azoty Jazz Festival. Łukasz graduated from Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (jazz guitar, composition) and Universite Varsovie (Cand.mag. philosophi). Until now, he has recorded, released and toured with 4 well-received albums with different line-ups, however all staying in the modern acoustic jazz ballpark.

Łukasz Borowicki Trio “People, Cats & Obstacles” (2014, ForTune) Łukasz Borowicki Quartet “Wandering Flecks” (2016, ForTune) Łukasz Borowicki Trio “Songs with Rhymes” (2017) Łukasz Borowicki Sextet “Morbidezza of Decadence” (2018)


”Borowicki plays the guitar with wonderful minimalist, almost completely acoustic touch, shunning flashy displays of egocentric show-off.” ~Adam Baruch

“His unique perception of the inner workings of simple things will make you feel happy, sad, weird, dizzy, offended, pleased and much more.” ~Ronny Graupe

“It is a joyful feeling to hear music of such quality, especially when it comes from musicians who are at early stages of their careers. The maturity and talents displayed here are all exemplary. As a result this is another great album released by the For Tune label, and certainly one of the strongest releases this year on the Polish Jazz scene.” ~ Adam Baruch


Album Morbidezza of Decadence by Łukasz Borowicki

Morbidezza of...

Multikulti Project

Album Songs with Rhymes by Łukasz Borowicki

Songs with Rhymes

Self Produced

Love and Restraint

Love and Restraint

Łukasz Borowicki
Morbidezza of Decadence


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