Lukather, Steve

Versatile musician, guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer and arranger Steve Lukather was born in Los Angeles on October 21 in 1957. Before his father bought him a guitar (a simple Kay acoustic) and a copy of Meet the Beatles at the age of seven, Luke started to play drums and keyboards. “I love keyboards, I write all my songs on keyboards except for the real obvious 'burn' tunes. I find it much easier, you have all these great synth sounds and you play a C chord and it's sounds like God, and you start thinking melodies as opposed to chops.” (Lukather, 1986).

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About the 2010 album All's Well That Ends Well:

- David Randall ( This is easily the best guitar album of its kind this year, or in recent years for that matter, and its strength lies in the songs and production as much as the guitar playing. An inspired triumph.

- Jason Sidwell (Total Guitar): The album is broad and Luke's playing always serves the songs, even when he's shredding in odd time signatures. In five words: AOR for intelligent guitar fans!

- When in our position, you meet and talk to an army of disposable uninteresting monkeys, but occasionally you meet an artist, and that's when the line between the man and the musician fades and you end up learning more than a few guitar tricks and producers names.

After meeting Steve 'Luke' Lukather, his upcoming album 'All's Well That Ends Well' seems to have earned even more layers and texture to my ears, and I'm now looking forward to see him live, sure he'll wear his heart on his sleeve and share his soul with us through his timeless music.



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