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Lumbinigroove is a mix of Afro, Nepali and Jazz project started by Pravin Chhetri.There are so many similarities between the genres and its amazing how Nepali language fits into African rhythms and jazz harmonies.All instruments played by Pravin.

Pravin Chhetri, longtime member of Cadenza started as a bass player. Later he started playing the guitar and also moved on to trumpet, sax and different percussive instruments. The self taught musician is presently in Hamburg.

Jau Sathi by Lumbinigroove

Jau sathi by Lumbini Groove Tsering Choden

The name Pravin Chettri might not ring a bell till you learn of his longtime association with what started off as a three piece band, Cadenza, that is now a respected and admired Jazz collective. Pravin has finally released his solo album, Jau Sathi under the moniker Lumbingroove. With styles ranging from Funk, African rhythms and Jazz harmonies the result, if not treated carefully, could sound scattered. Add to that, taking on the challenge to not only play all the instruments on this album himself, he has also composed, recorded and mixed the album

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Jau Sathi

Jau Sathi

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