Macuco Quintet

Instrument: Band/orchestra | Location: Boston

Updated: February 22, 2019

Macuco Quintet plays original compositions inspired by Brazil and more, plus some by Hermeto Pascoal, and one by Julius Hemphill. Formed in Boston in 2014 by Joel Springer, a long-time member of Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, the group features saxophonists Allan Chase, Rick Stone, and Joel Springer, bassist Fernando Huergo, and drummer Austin McMahon. Their first CD, “Friendly Signs”, was released on June 1, 2018. Listen below!

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”For all that ‘maturity,’ though, this group fully engages with the musical elements (catchy melodies, subtle harmonies, infectious rhythms) of in-the-moment jazz. It is this ability to ground their sophistication that makes the Macuco Quintet a band worthy of affection as well as admiration. The complexity of their vision never stops the members of this remarkable band from playing what they feel.” -Steve Feeney, The Arts Fuse, 9/10/18

“Love the front line in this band: saxophonists Allan Chase, Joel Springer, and Rick Stone. And they’ll all be doubling, so expect provocative voicings and yummy sonorities

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