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Marcelo Berestovoy

Marcelo berestovoy's live repertoire is an eclectic mix of Rumba Flamenco, Jazz, Tango, Gypsy swing and guitar driven arrangements of popular, well known songs. His Spanish guitar versions of Beatles songs are among his audience's favorites. Marcelo session/touring and writing credits include some of the biggest names in Latin Pop and Hollywood movies. Marcelo plays over 100 live shows each year and his reputation is rapidly growing around the globe through both his live performances as well as countless instructional guitar videos.

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Many years of private instruction experience Guitar instructor at GIT/Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA 2000-2011 teaching a variety of classes including the "Rumba workout", an original class dedicated to the most common Latin guitar rhythms designed for players of other styles. Guitar instructor at Jamplay since 2012 with 76 instructional videos on Latin/Flamenco guitar, Theory and Improv, Jazz, Fingerpicking and Beatles songs for solo guitar on Jamplay as well as live weekly online Q&A sessions. Articles published in Guitar Player, Guitar World and Músico Pro magazines. Coaching experience of bands and Hollywood actors for guitar playing on movie scenes and Spanish language singing For more info on lesson options visit:


Musica Clásica
Tracción a sangre Records
Azulejos (Tile)
Tracción a sangre Records