Marcelo Coelho

A native of Brazil, Marcelo Coelho began his music studies when he was fourteen years old. His first instruments were the clarinet and the alto saxophone. When he was eighteen years old, he changed to the tenor saxophone that would become his main instrument.He finished his bachelor in Popular Music at Campinas State University - UNICAMP, in 1999

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“Forging into a new and exciting rhythmic landscape, Marcelo Coelho breaks new ground with his group on this recording. This is just the beginning --- I look forward to further development of the group's sound along with the leader's future compositions.” David Liebman
Primary Instrument

Sax, tenor


Sao Paulo, SP

Clinic/Workshop Information

Clinic on Rhythmic Line Approach for Composing and Improvising Generally speaking, the clinic presents exercises constructed along the following lines: - rhythmic series in contraposition to ostinatos - breaking down of rhythmic patterns into pulsation structures in contraposition to regular beats in different subdivisions - rhythmic patterns in 5 and 7 time in contraposition to a regular beat - use of duple subdivision in contraposition of triple subdivision - use of the triple subdivision in contraposition to quadruple subdivision - alternation of measures in contraposition to regular beats - rhythmic melodies containing time changes in contraposition ot rhythmic ostinatos The clinic shows how to apply the Rhythmic Line approach for Composing and Improvising in jazz

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