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Marcio C Resende

Marcio Resende,Brazilian,born in Rio de Janeiro on the 23rd of June of 1961,started playing the flute at age seven.His first band was “Semente”,together with Mario Adnet,Claudio Nucci,Zé Luis Oliveira,Alberto Rosemblit,Claudio Infante and Paulinho Soledade.He moved to the USA on the Fall of 1981,where he lived until the fall of 1991.There,he studied at the Berkleee College of Music,New England Conservatory and at the New York University.He studied with Joe Lovano,Joe Allard,George Garzone,Jim Mc Neely,Tom Boras,Don Cherry ,William Thomas McKinley and Jimmy Giuffre.He has performed with Toninho Horta,Nailor Proveta,Mario Adnet,Jorge Helder,Alexandre Carvalho,Dave Douglas,Rachel Nicolaazo,Aydin Esen,Ed Uribe,Brian Bronberg,Marcelo Pellitieri,Baron Brown,Sizão Machado,Adelson Viana,João lyra,Luciano Magno,among others.

He has been lecturing Traditional and Jazz Harmony,Saxophone and Jazz Improvisation at the Universidade Estadual do Ceara,in Fortaleza,Caear,Brazil,since January of 2000.



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