Marco Tacchini

Marco Tacchini and Ocean Band

As it is well known, it rarely happens that an Italian Musician is able to arouse interest in other countries. But Jazz Rock bass player Marco Tacchini has succeeded in becoming popular all over the world, thanks to his great technique. Since his former experience with OCEAN BAND (Bill Connors at the guitar) , he has worked with many other important musicians: Jan Hammer, Stevie Wilson, Bruce Ditmas, and in duo with Tyron Brunson (Bass & Bass) Prod: M. D'amore.

OCEAN BAND, considered the best band in a prestigious Swiss agency specialized in Jazz music. was one of the most important electric jazz quartet, which was originally formed by Marco Tacchini ,Claudio Zucano, Alan Davis and Dario Mercaldi(ex: Bil Connors Band).

Subsequently the band renew its members: Marco Tacchini (Bass guitar) ,Serge Martinez (drums) , Alan Davis (keyboards) and Dario Mercaldi. With this new formation, the band becomes more and more popular within the framework of creative music, so important that it is considered the best Jazz Rock band in the French and German scenes. (Countries in which the band has found large interest and consent. ( “OCEAN” Prod: Eric Colomb R.C.A /Green ), see: CD... “Opus “ and “Red Rivolutionary” ( Cdnow ).


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