Marek Napiorkowski

Instrument: Guitar | Location: Warsaw

Born: October 27, 1969

Marek Napiórkowski is a leading Polish jazz guitarist and composer. For many years he has proven himself as an all-around artist with unique musical language of his own. Difficult to put labels on: with each musical journey, he takes us into even more intriguing worlds, bound together with his signature sound.

Ever since the beginning of his career, his name has been featured in the top musician rankings. Since 2012, the readers of Jazz Forum magazine have consistently selected him as the Jazz Guitarist of the Year. Napiórkowski has been acclaimed by both the industry and critics becoming a six time nominee of the prestigious Music Award FRYDERYK in Jazz Musician of the Year and Jazz Album of the Year categories. He also has been awarded the Szczota prize by the Polish National Radio Program III.

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”Napiorkowski may be a largely unknown quantity in Britain but on the strength of this album he has both the artistic ambition and sense of measure to warrant wider recognition.” Jazzwise Magazine, Kevin Le Gendre (UP!, 2013)

“The sound, the performance, the arrangements – all those are the top level. A real, musicial treat!” Artur Tabor, Magazyn Gitarzysta (UP!, 2013)

“The Trinity consisting of musicians from the top rankings plays magnificently, sounds just the same, and what's more – it also applies to the live shows. Yes, KonKubiNap is the ultimate trio.” Maciej Karłowski, Polish National Radio Program II (KonKubiNap, 2011)

“Exaltation of the sound of acoustic instruments is mixed here with the acclaim for the craft of the performing musicians.” Marek Dusza, InfoMusic (Wolno, 2007)

“It is an extraordinary balance between good taste, musical intuition, and an unseen virtuoso performance, held back by intelligence and nobility of the musicians.” Piotr Iwicki, JazzForum (Wolno, 2007)

“Nap is a mature, perfectly played and perfectly recorded album, with songs which represent the leader's interests but also a well-thought set of diverse compositions prepared with no pressure from the label.” Adam Domagała, Gazeta Wyborcza (NAP, 2005)