Margie Evans

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Los Angeles

Blues belter Margie Evans is a big woman with a big sound and a big idea to use music to help mend Los Angeles’ tattered social fabric. She decided to launch “Los Angeles Music Week,” a celebration of locally based musicians in performances ranging from soul to salsa, blues to bolero, bebop to hip-hop. “Music can bring every race together on the face of this Earth,” said Evans, who once sang with a Latino band in Monterey Park. “All of the greatest messages of the world are spoken through music.”
—Ed J. Boyer, L.A. Times

Updated: September 19, 2019

Born: July 17, 1939

Internationally renowned Louisiana-bred artist, Margie Evans, the Executive Director and Founder of Los Angeles Music Week, Inc., is a legendary American Blues and Gospel singer, songwriter, businesswoman, spokeswoman, Blues activist and historian.

As the only African American President of the civics-oriented 5-4 Optimist Club of Los Angeles, she taught music history, respect for law, educational achievement, endless perseverance and integrity to both local schoolchildren and citizens. These are the tools of community building that launched the conception of L. A. Music Week. Well established as a multi- talented lyricist, classy multi-genre entertainer, blues historian, community leader and motivational speaker, Margie represents the Blues Genre with sincere poise, dignity and trademark robustly effervescent, jovial sophistication, unlike the typical blues stereotypes. She shares, “I've been around a long time and I've really paid my dues.”

Marjorie Ann Johnson was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States.[1] Raised as a devout church member, Margie's earliest exposure to music was through gospel music and learning how to play the piano under her mother's tutelage.[5] A woman full of love, innovative ideas and a deep understanding of her culture, Margie's love for music is overwhelming! She received the opportunity to demonstrate the music within her after she moved to Los Angeles in 1958 to stay, which allowed her some fortuitous breaks in the entertainment business. Primarily, she initially sang as a backup vocalist with Billy Ward between 1958 and 1964, prior to joining and performing with the Ron Marshall Orchestra at the Tikis in Monterey Park, California between 1964 and 1969. In 1969, Margie was introduced to the famous Johnny Otis by Hector Revere, then afterwards, she successfully auditioned to join his band. [1] During her four-year stay there, touring Far East Asia with the Johnny Otis Show, she thrilled audiences as she performed on both “The Johnny Otis Show Live at Monterey “ and the “Cuttin' Up” albums.

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”Legendary Gospel-influenced Blues singer and recording artist Margie Evans is Los Angeles' official Ambassador for the international Blues artist, Margie has spent her life trying to uplift the image of the Blues and improve the lives of those who play music for a living.” -”Ambassador for The Blues”. Pat Kramer. Southland Blues Magazine, October 2004.

“About two years ago, she and some of her blues buddies were sitting around the 5-4 Ballroom on Broadway lamenting the relentlessly downward spiral Los Angeles seemed to be caught in — the numbing round of riots, earthquakes, fires and a depressed economy

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