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Margot has over 40 years of experience in live theater, vocal performance, and art. She is the owner of SonofaBeat Music (formerly of So Pasadena, CA) Margot was a singer in The Richard Tappan Raggae Band Wizzard- headed by Wizzard Elliott of Los Angeles and lead singer for AKA( with Nick Robertson). She and Nick Robertson Produced two cds at Sonofabeat Music, plus a lot of original unreleased as yet recordings during the time Nick was il. Nick died in June 2000. SNOW by EnVox(Nick Robertson)unreleased- with a pre-release marketing trial initiated by Margot in Europe and Canada SNOW went to number 2 on the charts in Canada and charted on the Atlantic satelite charts in 1997. Goodnight Train by AKA(Margot with Nick Robertson)unreleased. Margot is a Director and Producer of live theater in Nevada County. Since Nick's demise Margot has been in retreat filling her days with live theater production. Margot has performed in venues like The Roxy, Whiskey, and Spice in Hollywood, and Basin Street West, Ca. And in Las Vegas. She is currently President of Community Players in Nevada County. Margot is the Creator of the jazz combo “Spontaneous Combustion”, and The 14 lady “Sultry Ladies and Red Hot Mamas” jazz/blues review “The Return of the Torch Singers”. In the ealy 2000's Margot was the house manager and a co-ordinator for the Wynton Marsalis concert in Grass Valley, Calif Margot has directed, produced, and performed in many shows and concerts in Los Angeles and Grass Valley area

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Vocal coach/teacher Theatrical performance coach/teacher Drama / Musical Theater coach/teacher Muralist/artist/set painting teacher President of Community Players of Nevada County 40 years experience, in all aspects of live theater production, vocal performance, stage performance. Bands- Richard Tappan Band-Raggae Wizzard-Mystical Rock Funk AKA-Darkwave Jazz(our coin) Jazz vocal groups- AKA-Darkwave Jazz Sultry Ladies and Red Hot Mamas-Jazz, Blues, Showstoppers Former Co-owner and CEO of SonofaBeat Music with Nicolas Robertson of AKA and EnVox Lyricist