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When Margret Avery did her first performance as a singer in NYC her love affair began with entertaining and continues to grow. Since then Margret has gone on to writing some of her own songs while keeping an audience spellbound while expressing some thought provoking material as well as some classic jazz and blues, pop-rock and ballads.

While in Paris some years ago Margret had the pleasure of singing with Duke Jordan in an impromptu performance and she has graced the stages in New York. Lee Ryan at WBAI- FM in New York told his listeners that “Margret Avery’s musicality includes a good voice, breath control for a nice long line and a sense of rhythm....a fine singer with her own smart, funny style (another proof that the sexiest part of the body is still the brain). The icing on this tasty cake is that Avery obviously loves entertaining us!”

In 2002 Margret released her first CD which is a combination of original material as well as blues and jazz ballads. Many find her interpretations to be soulful.... laced with her individual phrasing in each song. You can check out her site at

....’A Place That’s Make Believe’ certainly does relocate listener’s minds from the everyday world for a little while. One could argue whether or not it’s a make believe place to which the listener is transported, but what’s not in question is the power of Margret Avery’s distinctive voice. The balladeer’s smooth, flowing, powerful tones are in themselves a rich listening experience. Add to that gorgeous jazz-blues based instrumentation and it’s a winning, goosebump-inducing combination.

‘A Place That’s Make Believe’ puts Avery’s sultry, alluring vocals on full display

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