MarieVeronique Bourque

Instrument: Flute

Born: May 21, 1968

Marie-Véronique Bourque is a jazz flutist and songwriter originally from Quebec City who currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. Classically trained, she has performed with groups of various musical genres (jazz, classical, cabaret, blues, baroque, world music, folk and traditional). Her diverse background has allowed her to develop a unique style characterized by a rich sound, developed technique and palpable sensitivity. First hired by the RCMP Band in 1992, Marie-Véronique pursued a police career for 25 years in parallel to her musical career following the dismantling of the group in 1993

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Kathy Fitzpatrick, LeaderPost QC, SK ''...It was 2012, at Regina’s Mosaic festival where Bourque was working as a volunteer. Pianist Maurice Drouin, one of the elder statesmen of Saskatoon’s jazz scene, was to perform — and suddenly she found herself on stage with him. Bourque had heard him play at previous fransaskois events. “He was playing the most beautiful French songs in a jazz way,” she recounts. She approached him during intermission, saying she’d love to perform with him at some point. Confirming she had her flute with her, he replied “Come with me on stage. We’re going to do a song

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