Marius Billgobenson

Marius Billgobenson

Instrument: Guitar, acoustic | Location: Stockholm

Updated: March 9, 2020

Born: April 4, 1966

“I am a little fly trying to provoke elephants,” shares singer-songwriter Marius Billgobenson. “Music is my tool to passionately affect change worldwide”

Marius is an award-winning anthropologist, a fiery advocate, and something of an ethnomusicologist and a curator of cultures. With his words, his music, and his life, he’s telling the world stories they need hear about marginalized people, environmental issues, and human rights.

Marius’s invigorating blend of jazz instrumentation with indigenous African music seeks to bring awareness to disenfranchised communities. His passion and purpose are sharing the culture and concerns of his native land of the Congo River Basin—particularly, the plight of the Forest People, sometimes referred to as the “Pygmies” who reside in the Congo rainforest—but his message reverberates universally. Today, the Stockholm, Sweden-based artist announces a stunning pair of singles, “Tribes in Mind” and “Tears on the Ground.”

Marius has become one of the most powerful voices of the Congolese community. He’s been recognized for his humanitarian work by ACNU (the UN Association for the Promotion of Human Rights in Congo), the French Cultural Center, Regional Cultural Minister in Pointe-Noire, and Congolese Art and Cultural Minister. With the organization Afrique Profonde, he’s worked tirelessly to promote cross-cultural dialogue, and understanding and education through artistic exchanges with individuals and groups within Africa and beyond.

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