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Markus Eriksson

Markus Eriksson is a jazz guitarist, composer and band leader. He is educated at Ingesund Music College, Trondheim Music College and the Danish National Conservatory of Music in Aarhus. Eriksson is currently based in his hometown Uppsala in Sweden. Eriksson has spent the last few years maintaining an active music career in Norway, Denmark and Gothenburg. He has played and worked with many interesting and innovative Scandinavian jazz musicians such as Oscar Grönberg, Eric Arellano, Trond Bersu, Anna Lund, Tomas Järmyr and Goran Klinghagen, just to mention a few. Eriksson started his own record label called ME music in 2016 and has released two records so far (both available on Spotify):

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”The group presents a rich sample of versatility and skills within the field modern postbop” (Ulf Thelander, Orkesterjournalen, september 2016)

”The music is self-written with bebop, mainstream and postbop as nearest influences. Great interplay and soloists” (Björn Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning, april 2016)