Markus Rutz

Markus Rutz

Instrument: Trumpet | Location: Chicago

A tuneful, rhythmically sly twist on mainstream jazz.

Updated: April 27, 2020

Born: June 2

Markus Rutz plays trumpet with bluesy, soulful style and a tone that has been called gorgeous. He composes music from his home base in Chicago, Illinois where he also performs modern jazz in trio, quartet and quintet groups.

Trumpet player and composer Markus Rutz leads small group jazz ensembles for public performances and private events.

He has performed throughout Chicago and the midwest for club and venue engagements featuring jazz standards and original jazz compositions.

Composition, arrangement and performance of original tunes is an integral element of his sound and experience.

Coupled with renditions of jazz and songbook standards, the originals create an enjoyable, true listening experience in performance.

To date, seventeen of his original compositions have been recorded. Several of these have been performed by and added to the books of band leaders in Chicago.

The recorded originals are represented on two studio albums released as It's Cooler by the Lake and Second Impression.

The most recent recording was re-released in digital format in December of 2016 with two additional tracks. It received a 3 1/2 star rating in an early 2017 review from J.D. Considine at DownBeat magazine.

From the greater Chicago area originally, Markus began trumpet study at the age of 9 and as a music student studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a summer semester at Berklee College and the University of New Orleans where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.


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”...a tuneful, rhythmically sly twist on mainstream jazz...” DOWNBEAT

“Rutz has a big, dark tone and a fluid ease to his phrasing that makes him seem relaxed even when unleashing a volley of 16th notes...” DOWNBEAT

“Wonderful work from the Chicago scene – a timeless effort with titles that are Chicago and Illinois prairie-centric in theme – and compositions musically rich enough to touch on diverse strains of small combo jazz, from bluesy to fossa-steeped!” Dusty Groove, Inc.

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