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Drummer and composer Martina Almgren is described as a colourful addition to the contemporary Swedish jazz scene. Her passion for playful improvisation, enticing rhythms and expressive melodies reflects her drumming as well as her compositions. She has through the years been involved in several international collaborations -with the the British pianists Zoe Rahman and Nikki Iles, the Scottish alto player Laura Macdonald (album Open Book 2008), pianist Steve Hamilton to mention a few- and has composed commission works for the Swedish Jazz Radio and for contemporary ensembles. For many she is previously known as a colourful leader of Martina Almgren Quartet and the tentett Oh Yeah Orchestra. Martina is also one of the creative leaders of MOZ Trio together with the British pianist Zoe Rahman and Owe Almgren.

She 1998-2015 the head of Martina Almgren Quartet ( Björn Almgren-s, Tommy Kotter - pi and electric bass player Owe Almgren) and released four albums, ”September” 1999, “Leaving Home” 2001, “Unden” 2003 and “Bingo” 2005,. The band changed name to Martina & Owe Almgren Quartet in 2014 and released the album “Lisboa”. From 2002-2012 the leader of Oh Yeah Orchestra comprised of ten of the top jazz musicians´s on the Swedish scene. In 2009 she was commisioned to compose for Swedish Jazz Celebration for Oh Yeah Orchestra. The album with the music “Freedom of Movement” was released in 2011

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Album Review
  • Unden by Matthew Wuethrich
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”To think like a drummer has its advantages. Martina’s melody lines are as infectious as her rhythms are enticing. Sometimes it sounds deceptively easy, like it can look easy when circus artists do their tricks.” Lars-Göran Ulander, Swedish Jazz Radio 2010

“Swedish drummer Martina Almgren declares that she wants to combine strong rhythms with expressive melodies. With her quartet of sensitive musicians, she achieves that goal in a bubbling lyrical mood. All About Jazz 2003 ”Almgren's constantly shifting patterns are so strong in their commitment, it's hard to imagine they are immediately considered

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