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Mats Ingvarsson Mats Ingvarsson

Bassplayer, producer and composer living in south of Sweden.

Bassplayer (acoustic and electric) with lots of experience in different styles. Worked with Geri Allen trio, Damn/Timbuktu, A Bossa Eletrica, Sofi Hellborg, Soul Quality Quartet, Mathias Landaeus a. o. Musical theatre as well as session player in studio with diverse pop acts.

Producer and sound engineer in a lot of projects where I was also playing. A Bossa Eletrica, Soul Quality Quartet, Almaz Yebio, Torbjörn Righard, Sofi Hellborg a. o.

Songwriter and composer/arranger for Soul Quality Quartet a. o. Jazz, soul and latin.


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Album Mats Ingvarsson's HOPE by Mats Ingvarsson

Mats Ingvarsson's HOPE

Kopasetic Productions

Take Cover

Take Cover

Mats Ingvarsson
Mats Ingvarsson's HOPE

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