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Matt G Mitchell

New Zealand born Jazz multi-instrumentalist and composer Matthew Mitchell grew up surrounded by the traditional music of the Pacific islands, reggae, punk and classical music. A late comer to Jazz guitar, Matthew began playing at the age of seventeen, but by his twenty-third birthday he had completed a degree in performance music, recorded his first large ensemble Album and a trio record, toured with the New Zealand Youth Big Band, and performed with many of Australasia’s leading Jazz innovators.

Two years later he moved to London, quickly finding his feet and collaborating with many of the United Kingdom's top names including Byron Wallen. He quickly expanded into Europe, Touring with Jazz and electronic artists with equal frequency.

Now based in Germany he has worked with some of the Icons of the Avant Garde such as William Parker, Hamid Drake, Rob Brown, Zane Massey Evan Parker and John Edwards, as well as many of Hungary's finest jazz musicians including Kalman Olah, Istvan Grencso and Elemer Balazs, yet he has remained versatile and , a musical cameleon.

His has been a career marked by change and catharsis. Multiple battles with cancer have served to add intensity and focus to his musical journey. Being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2014 was another challenge that has become the Catalyst for his latest incarnation. Matthew now focuses on innovating seven and eight string guitar techniques and has developed a truly unique sound, brought sharply into relief by his 2016 release 'Quadraphila’, a record that showcases his individual voice as Botha

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