Yuriy Matveyev Yuriy Matveyev

Yuriy hails from an unnamed village in Siberia, which was settled solely by the Matveyev family in the early 1500s. Their location was so remote that it lost contact with the rest of humanity until the mid-20th century. At that time, the Matveyev homestead was slated to serve as a nuclear testing site. Fortunately, scientists came out to the area to set up cameras and instruments before conducting the first explosion, and discovered that the land was actually inhabited.

Yuriy's generation was the first to be re-integrated into Russian society. Frustrated by the language barrier (the entire clan spoke an unintelligible, anachronistic dialect), young Yuriy took a vow of silence which he has kept to this day. Generations of consanguinity do not seem to affect him, except for his premature hair loss, his exquisite talent on the guitar, and his predilection for embroidered baseball caps.


Godin electric guitar



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Album Two Kings by Yuriy Matveyev

Two Kings

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