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Max Plattner Trio - II

Max Plattner Trio - II by Max Plattner

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Max Plattner

Label: cracked anegg records
Released: 2020
Duration: 01:01:04
Views: 37

Track Listing

Cooking; Rips are the Cage of Emotions (& milk); Neuschnee; Car; Il nano masticatore; Lessico familiare; Love Song; Welcome to Sodom & Gomorrah; Punctum; Root of Pie; Bear Intro; Bear; Chopped Up; Appartenenza


Lorenzo Sighel

saxophone, alto

Additional Personnel / Information

Patrick Pulsinger: recording & mixing; Dave Darlington: mastering

Album Description

MPT – Max Plattner Trio’s debut album “II” makes your ears prick up at the sound of their self-composed songs which uniquely, cunningly and tastefully play with jazz. It’s a game of opposites which needs no instructions, leading you through the 13-track album with compositional charm. The Italian-Austrian trio draws on musical influences from different parts of the world as well as topics close to the realm of pop culture. This has resulted in songs that attest to an incredible sense not only of sound but also of how to convey intense emotions, songs that create an entirely unique atmosphere in which you can lose yourself and at the same time find yourself. Partly aided by computer-generated voice, partly through the use of cyclic harmony, the trio creates both mysterious and familiar soundscapes which time and again open up enormous spaces for solos that are filled with a well-balanced dose of improvised moments. Even without a harmony instrument, Lorenzo Sighel, Marco Stagni und Max Plattner succeed in creating memorable melodies which are touchingly clear while at the same time presented to the listener in a “raw and dirty” way. The trio’s debut album “II” is not a concept album. On the contrary: every song tells its own story. A story which becomes visible in one’s mind’s eye while listening, always collapsing in the face of its contrarieties, only to be reassembled again then and there. In a delicate, yet powerful way they combine solemn melancholy and light-hearted exuberance in a dialectic relationship. In this way, dull and lucid states of mind always become somehow impetuous protagonists of their extraordinary creation. The trio fully relishes the freedom of interpretation that both instrumental music and everyday occurrences offer, and the musicians’ inventiveness and passion for such interpretational freedom is clearly audible.


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