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Short Curriculum Vitae Guerino Mazzola

• Swiss citizen • 1961-66 Gymnasium Typus B • 1966-71 Diploma in Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, • and Crystallography at University of Zürich • 1971 PhD in Mathematics • 1972-75 Postdoctoral Studies at Universities Paris-Sud and Rome • 1980 Habilitation in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory • 1978-82 Lecturer at Universities of Zürich and Basel • 1980-84 Development of Mathematical Music Theory • 1981 Construction of Music Computer for Transformation Theory of Musical Patterns • 1984-86 Scientific director of the Darmstadt Symmetry-Project • 1986-89 Lecturer at University of Zürich • 1986-88 Director of SNSF-Project on Depth-EEG and Music Perception together with H. G. Wieser at Neurological University Hospital Zürich • 1988 Development of musical composition software presto jointly with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft/Arbeitsgruppe Graphische DV, Darmstadt • 1992-96 Executive director of SNSF-Project RUBATO on Computer Models of musical interpretation and performance at University of Zürich • 1996 Associate Professsor at Math. Dept. University Laval/Québec • 1997 Expert at Swiss National Science Council • Since 1998 Lecturer at ETH Zürich, Dpt. of Humanities (Abt. XII) • 1999-2003 Consultant at TU Berlin/ VW-Nachwuchsgruppe Mathematische Musiktheorie • Since 1999 Lecturer at CSD/U Zürich, Abt. XII/ETH Zürich, and Musicology Dpt./U Vienna • 2000 Winner of the Medal of the Mexican Mathematical Society • 2000-2002 Executive director of a SNF-project in scientific visualization of music data bases • Since 2000 Oberassistent at the Mulitimedia Lab of CSD/U Zürich • 1984-2002 Direction of 7 diploma, 6 PhD, and two habilitation theses in Canada, Germany, France, and Switzerland • 2002-2006 Director of ICT and SVC projects Core IT Mathematics at the CSD/U Zürich. • 2003 Habilitation in Computational Sciences at the U Zürich. • 2005 Invited professor at the Ecole normale supérieure, Paris • 2007 Full tenure professor for collaborative arts and music theory at the School of Music, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota • Member of the Grothendieck Circle • 2008 President of the Society for Music and Mathematics • 2008 Chief editor of Springer Book Series „Computational Music Science“

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Geisser and Mazzola are the Oppenheimer and Rutherford of creative improvised music. Derek Taylor, Cadence Magazine


Album Ma by Mazzola



Album Deep State by Mazzola

Deep State


Album Dancing the body of time by Mazzola

Dancing the body of...

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