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Mboya Nicholson Mboya Nicholson

Mboya Nicholson has performed from Japan to Brazil. His touch at the piano has been applauded by the Consul General of the Netherlands in Canada and the Ambassador to the Vatican in Italy. During the seven years he spent living in New Orleans, Nicholson studied with pioneers of the Crescent City's post World War II jazz scene. While in New Orleans Nicholson received his Masters Degree in music, from the University of New Orleans (UNO). Campus performances afforded him the chance to play with various lumiaries including Jason Marsalis, Sonny Fortune, Wes Anderson and Victor Goines. Currently residing in Toronto, Nicholson teaches piano and has released a self-titled CD. Presently he is re-working an original suite composed in 1994, for recording and his next album is a look at different types of blues.





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