Meetings Meetings

At the moment the art projekt Meetings is happening in Malmö. The project aims to enable meetings between musical voices within a creative space based on improvisation.

The idea was formed in the summer of 2017 by the musicians Jesse Emmoth and Kasper Lindberg as a reaction to the somewhat introvert sphere that improvised music often live inside. The goal was to create a musical context that is appealing and accessible for the general public and also appealing for the musicians that is invited to participate.

In August “The Archipelago Suite” was performed with Josef Kallerdahl and Fredrik Davidsson as featured guest followed by “The Moody Comfort Suite” in November in which Johan Lundberg, Andreas Andersson and Mattias Hjorth participated. On these occasions music with improvisation as basis was created in Red Room, Inter arts center, in front of an audience. Everything was documented visually and audibly and is now available via various digital streaming services.

The essence of the project aside from creating music with the highest artistic ambition possible is also to contribute to the cultural life in Malmö with an inviting and open atmosphere that is made for everyone. Invitations on being part of the audience is sent out to various unions and associations in order to get the most mixed assembly of people possible. All invited musicians are picked out to help create diversity in the models of the genre.





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