Megan Birdsall

About Megan

At home on stage and in the spotlight from a very young age with an innate love and talent for music and singing, Megan began performing as a dancer, and the world of dance brought her first taste of national recognition.

Her experience with commercials starting at the age of 7; her first movie, “My Antonia”, at age 14; and her ongoing dance training set the stage for a rich repertoire of leading roles . Upon graduation she was one of three winners of the National Shakespeare Competition in New York City. She was also the recipient of a very selective national scholarship in the category of vocal jazz through the National Association for the Foundation of Arts.

She attended The Boston Conservatory, a sister school to The Berklee College of Music, for two years with a triple major in dance, theatre and voice. By age 20 she had studied with Anne Reinking and Gregory Hines, and was offered a Broadway Tour with the musical “Rent”. The Conservatory experience caused Megan to focus heavily on jazz music and soon she returned to Kansas City to begin building her career in jazz.

Home in Kansas City, Megan was soon featured with Greg Richter and David Basse at The New Point; she performed at the Phoenix; and at Jardines Jazz Club; she sang the blues with the Nortons. She also fronted her jazz trio called Birdsong, and she is deeply grateful for the ongoing support she receives from Kansas City clubs including Jardines, 12 Baltimore, and The Phoenix.

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”Megan Birdsall: Next Big Thing? I'd put my money on Megan Birdsall. Pretty and vivacious, Birdsall knows how to attract talent-” .... Pitch · Plastic Sax at MySpace ... 08/megan-birdsall-next-big-thing.html - 75k - ... “Live jazz lives again here, with local legends-in-the-making Megan Birdsall”

JAM: August/September 2006 Issue: For the Record ”It is spare, as Sivils, Smith, and Birdsall let the others in the band rest. ... This is an underperformed gem, and my choice as Megan Birdsall's finest ...” - 42k

Kansas City - Best Of - Best Sexy Musician - Megan Birdsall (2007) ”Whoever invented the phrase homina homina homina had birds like Megan Birdsall in mind

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