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Melodías Lechugas

Melodías Lechugas

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Joel Forteza

Label: Self Produced by Frank Schlaipfner
Released: 2019
Views: 146

Track Listing

00- Intro(spección) 01- Querer 02- Salir 03- Caminando 04- Y aún 05- Ver Pt I 06- Ver Pt II 07- Despertar(es) 08- , (Taxi to India) 10- S01A Act I&II 11- S01A Act III ©2019 música y letra Joel Forteza todos los derechos reservados.


Data sheet: Author and composer: Joel Forteza Music: Joel Forteza Production: Frank Schlaipfner and Joel Forteza Recording engineer: Frank Schlaipfner Sound engineer: Frank Schlaipfner Mix: Frank Schlaipfner Mastering: Frank Schlaipfner Bass, synth, electric/ acoustic guitars, drums, sound effects and ambience: Frank Schlaipfner Keyboards: Martin Bischof Percussions and drums: Bjoern Kellerstrass Sax: David Icekson (recorded by Carlos Johnson, Liucura Records)

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