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Mereneu Project

The Mereneu Project was brought together in São Paulo - Brazil, in 2004, as an initiative of the musicians Emiliano Sampaio (guitar), Gustavo Boni (bass), and Luis André (drums), with the purpose of researching the diversity of popular music. Since its inception, the group has consistently explored the creativity in instrumental music, developing a work that mix Brazilian rhythms, jazz elements and chamber music approach

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Downbeat Magazine about “Mega Mereneu Project” (2015) ”His music is complex and beautiful. He is a “tourist” with a ticket to great things. “

Michael Abene (2015) ”He is one of the few young arrangers that is not afraid to show a sense of humor in his writing”.

Ed Partyka about “Mereneu Project” (2014) “…Emiliano Sampaio and his Mereneu Project have created something very special with this recording, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.”

All About Jazz about the track “Pe de Moca” (2012) “What a lovely track. The choppiness of the opening guitar notes leads into a languid ballad that gets more dreamy as it goes along

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