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Michael Joseph Sebastian Walker

Born in Salford in 1962, Mike Walker started relatively late (16) in music, picking up his Brother's Guitar and re-tuning it to trace the lush chords that had initially caught his ear in early Joni Mitchell songs and Weather Report Instrumentals. He became an avid fan of Steely Dan and copped Larry Carlton Solos by ear, as well as the rich harmonies and quirky melodic twists of Fagen and Becker

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'One of the most powerful guitarists in Europe' John Fordham 'One of the greatest joys of British Jazz'. LondonJazz News '”leading the listener anywhere, and with an ability to play on the border of silence as well as with a burning energy”. 'World Class' Peter Erskine 'He knows as much about playing music on a stringed instrument as anybody I know - Steve Swallow 'Mike is such a great musician and guitarist' - David Torn 'simply beautiful. Beautiful beautiful! You write in poetry! Becca Stevens. 'Wasting my electric' Annie Walker 'Would give you the clothes off someone else's back' Greater Manchester Police

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