Michael Story

Michael Story is a professional acoustic and electric bassist, band leader and composer from Melbourne. He leads his Melbourne based piano trio; featuring pianist Luke Howard and drummer Daniel Farrugia, which plays a blend of modern jazz and contemporary groove music, inspired by Bobo Stensen’s trio, Medeski Martin and Wood, The Bad Plus and Brad Mehldau.

The trio has released a new recording ‘So you want more’ on Fern Frond Records, featuring many of the tunes written in 2009. The the trio has performed in Melbourne and toured twice to New Zealand to perform at major cities and the Queenstown International Jazz Festival.

The trio’s sound has developed from their previous release with a greater focus on collective improvisation, blending deep colourful harmonies and melodies with kick, hats, snare and woody double bass grooves. Michael’s goal is to continue to develop as an emotive improviser, creating and performing music that moves people with groove, and represents who he is and where he is from; which is originally Christchurch in New Zealand.

He completed his Bachelor of Music at the Christchurch Jazz School in 2004 with support from the Jerry Wise Young Performers Scholarship. During his time in Christchurch he studied with Tom Rainey and performed at the Christchurch Jazz and Arts festivals and the national salsa festival Jambalya with salsa group ‘Ritmo Latino’.

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”...the shared quality is lyricism and deeply satisfying melodic flow. Here surely is an object lesson in how intensity can be focused in inward-looking music of enduring beauty.” - Steve Robertson PBSfm 30/03/09

“Often Howard's languid, lilting notes hang in space over energetic, full-bodied rhythms built by Story and Farrugia, only to be awakened briefly.” **** Roger Mitchell, Sunday Herald Sun 12/04/09


Album So you want more by Michael Story

So you want more

Fern Frond Records



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